Discover how to create your own Cyber Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Project.

Based on NIST 800-30 Framework

What is the Risk?

Risk is a function of the likelihood of a given threat-source’s exercising a particular potential vulnerability, and the resulting impact of that adverse event on the organization. In order to minimize the impact on the organization, a Risk Assessment is made to maximize the security on all your assets.

The Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the first process in the risk management methodology. Organizations use risk assessment to determine the extent of the potential threat and the risk associated with an IT system throughout its SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle).

OpenVAS and OWASP ZAP support

Import an entire network scan OpenVAS or OWASP ZAP report to retrieve all the informations about your previously defined network and continue the Risk Assessment process. You can even import a single resource scan report while defining an asset, adding even more informations to your Risk Assessment.

Learn which are the NIST 800-30 Framework Risk Assessment 9 steps before proceding.

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